Hello! I’ve missed you guys these last two weeks!

The lovely people at Virgin sorted out our internet yesterday so I’m reconnected with the world and it feels great!

And this all means that we’re finally into our new home. And I just can’t put into words how amazingly happy I am about it. Everything just feels…right. I know I’m in the honeymoon period right now, but I hope this feeling lasts.

Last weekend was crazy with removal men and cleaners and SO MANY BOXES. It’s been a pretty tiring week of unpacking everything again but I kind of enjoyed turning an empty house into a home. And it did mean that this weekend we got to mostly relax and enjoy ourselves!

Yesterday was spent having relaxed morning coffees, looking round a local fair, doing a massive food shop and pinching myself that I lived somewhere so green and lovely!

Welwyn Garden City memorial

Today, after a much needed stretching session on the yoga mat, I baked some shortbread ready to take round to the neighbours when we go and introduce ourselves, and then went to the Herts Auto Show! I’m a bit of a car fanatic and there were some amazing cars there. We had a good wander round, and then walked round one of the lakes in Stanborough Park. It was just so lovely and relaxing and an awesome place to have on our doorstep!

Stanborough Park South Lake

Herts Auto Show 2016

Herts Auto Show 2016

This evening has been spent learning some of the flaws of our new property (hello broken washing machine door…) and doing a bunch of food prep for the week. I’ve surprised myself at how relaxed I’ve felt about my eating through the last couple of crazy weeks (Dominoes, processed food, lots and lots of sugar) which is an excellent sign! But I’m feeling pretty washed out as a result of the lack of goodness. I’m really looking forward to getting some vitamins back inside me (she says as she eats another piece of shortbread!).

What did you get up to this weekend?



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