We’ve had such a nice Bank Holiday weekend over here in the UK!

Me and the bf went up to my parents’ for some quality family time and to meet the new kitten, Archie. It did, of course, chuck it down the entire time (thanks Manchester!) but that didn’t stop us from having a great time.

Archie is seriously the cutest thing! I think I probably spoke all of 5 words to my parents as the rest of the time was spent obsessing over the kitten. He’s inquisitive about everything and has the sweetest mix of energetic kittenness and desire to snuggle. I wish I could just have scooped him up and brought him back to London with me!


(Note: the beefeater socks are already in good use, and a big hit – thanks Topman – but sheesh, they barely made it out alive from kitten attacks!)

Saturday we braved the torrential rain showers and went with my parents to the Dorothy Clive Gardens. Despite it chucking it down with rain when we arrived we took shelter in the tea rooms and grabbed some lunch. They had these adorable flower arrangements in teapots – definitely want to try these at home!

Dorothy Clive Garden flower arrangement

Once it had stopped raining we managed to have a great time wandering around. The woodland garden was particularly stunning at this time of year, with the rhododendrons and azaleas looking beautiful.



Bluebells and blossom

We managed to just finish getting round the garden before the next heavy rain shower!

Sunday was spent visiting my Gran, walking in the countryside, sorting out more logistics for the house move in a couple of weeks (eek!)…and was topped off with a trip to The Botanist in Knutsford. I was excited from the moment I looked at the website, but when I got there I was blown away. It has such a great, warm feeling, and the decor is amazing. The building is an old chapel so already has inherent charm, but the bits and pieces they’ve added to it were just beautiful. There’s a chandelier of jam jars and bottles which drops down between the balcony level of seating. There are plant pots on all the tables, and references to the Chelsea Flower Show and Kew Gardens everywhere.

Botanist Knutsford

Botanist Knutsford Kew


And oh my goodness the food! I forgot to take as many photos as I should but it was displayed beautifully. Despite me being off my vegan month I still chose to go for vegan options: olives to start, a deli board with pomegranate couscous, houmous, peppers and tomatoes with the MOST amazing bread, and then a banana and coconut skewer for desert. Oh and the chips! Oh my goodness – the seasoning was insane! This is a picture of my boyfriend’s pate. LOOK AT THE WHEELBARROW!

Botanist pate

And there was live music, which was beautiful. Basically The Botanist = swoon. Dear The Botanist, please come to London. That is all. Thanks.

I proooobably drank a bit too much wine that night, but it was worth it. There was a lot of laughter and excellent family times!

The Bank Holiday Monday was spent running, and kitten-playing, and training it back down to London. Bring on the 4 day week ahead!

What did you do this weekend?


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