Hello lovelies!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done a weekend roundup so let me you fill in on my Easter since this weekend has been a boring one of life admin.

As you may have seen on Instagram I spent Easter in the Lake District with my family. We’ve rented the same cottage for a few years now and it’s just one of my favourite places in the world. It’s not just the memories we have there, or how it’s nice to have the family in the same place, but there is something intrinsic in the lighting and feel of the place which just breeds happiness!

The place was decked out in lots of Easter decorations which led to lots of excited squealing on my part.


Easter decorations

Easter decorations

Easter wreath


There had been some re-decorating since we were last there and I was obsessed with the way my bed was done (this is just one of a zillion photos I took…I just knew once I dismantled it then it would never be the same again)!


My bedroom


It was a pretty active holiday. My brother was starting the Couch to 5k programme so I fit in lots of runs with him, we did a bunch of walks (or half walks…I gave up on some – Lake District weather is in no way fun kids! Nor are steep fell drops…) and we ate a bunch of delicious chocolate GUILT FREE!


Easter eggs

View part way up Seat Arthur






We saw a whole heap of wildlife! Seeing the red squirrel made my week! We also had badgers come and visit in the evenings.


Red squirrel



It was just an all round awesome time and I came back feeling so refreshed! Check out my Instagram for some of the other photos!


Me and my boots


What did you get up to over Easter or this weekend?

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