Hey lovelies! How have your weekends been? It has been beautiful sunshine down here in London and it’s been putting me in just the best mood!

Yesterday we were flat hunting in Welwyn Garden City. We only had one viewing as there’s not a lot around that meets our criteria (trying not to stress…!) but it was great to get to know the town better. It’s just jaw-droppingly beautiful and so green! Can’t wait to move there and get to know it better :)

I also just have to mention our trip to Zizzi’s for lunch. It hands-down had the best location of all the similar restaurants, overlooking the iconic fountain, so I really wanted to go there, but was dubious about how many vegan options it would have. Turns out, not only did it have an option to switch out normal mozarella for vegan mozarella, it had all their vegan options labelled on the menu! I was so darned impressed! I had a vegan margherita with added mushrooms and it was the first time in a long time I didn’t even leave a crumb! It was also not long after that particular restaurant had launched (could even have been its first day) and the service was impeccable! It was one of the best serving experiences I’ve ever had at a chain restaurant so I hope it keeps to that level for when we move there :)


Welwyn Garden City fountain



The rest of the weekend has been spent running in the sunshine, life admin such as grocery shopping and cleaning, watching a lot of Dexter (it’s just so good!) and I’m hoping to fit in a bit of crocheting later :)

What was the highlight of your weekend?

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