Hey lovelies! How was your weekend?

We got the house that we liked last weekend! YAY! So excited to get in and start making it a home.

And getting the flat meant that this weekend meant zero flat hunting. Instead me and the bf went on a treasure hunt!

For Christmas my parents got us a treasure hunt around the local area, and we thought it would be the perfect way to spend one of our last afternoons in the area.

Treasure hunt clues


Richmond vine

Richmond churchyard

Richmond St Mary Magdalene

London mini

London terrace Richmond

Richmond High Street


It was so much fun! It was the perfect length, not too challenging but challenging enough, and was a fantastic way to see new things in our local area. The hunt was from Hunt Fun and they have a bunch in the UK and Europe.

Today has been spent running and London Marathon running. London Marathon day is one of my faves in the whole year! There’s something about people all going through a challenge together, after months of hard work, being supported by their loved ones, rnning often for a reason that’s linked to some personal hardship…it’s so motivational! I hope everyone who took part had an amazing day!


Sunday runday


Would you ever run a marathon?


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