Mountain view Lech


So after my rather negative portrayal of skiing yesterday I wanted to drop by with an extra post this week to tell you about the awesome parts of the trip. Because once I’d gotten over my crying like a baby period, there were heaps of amazing moments! Mountain walks, delicious cakes, Scrabble playing, soaking up the sun.. There were times when the scenery completely took my breath away, in a way that words wouldn’t do justice…so rather than using words, here are some of my favourite photos from the trip.

I’ve never seen so much snow!

Lech walk

Lech centre

Church in Ober Lech

Lech walk

Lech mountain view

Lech mountain view 2

View from Ober Lech

We were so high up that those are clouds around the mountain in the distance, rather than snow!

View from Ober Lech

Lech shadows

I loved the weather forecast that the hotel provided every evening with the turn down service!

Lech weather forecast

This was the best afternoon tea at the Post hotel – they brought out the tea with an egg timer going so you knew how long to brew your tea!

The Post afternoon tea Lech

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