If we had no winter the Spring would not be so pleasant


I thought this was appropriate at this time of year! I always get such a sense of relief when the days get longer, flowers start appearing, and the sun shines a bit more. It’s like life becomes that little bit easier. When winter feels long and hard I hold on to the feeling that it will end, and that the lighter feelings of Spring will come!

Sometimes we have to do the same with life. There are always going to be tough times, and we have to weather them out. And sometimes to get through the tough times we have to focus on how we’ll feel when we’re out the other side…and when we do get out the other side, we have to remember that without knowing what hardship is, we could never appreciate the good times.

Often I think about how my eating disorder had a positive side: that I appreciate life so much more than maybe I would have done without knowing how tough it can be. So if you’re going through tough times, whatever they may be (suffering from an illness to just getting out of bed on the wrong side), learn from them and make sure you fully feel all the positive emotions when they come!

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