Oxford daffodils


Hey everyone! Did your weekend fly by as quickly as mine?!

Saturday I went up to Oxford to see an old school friend. She’s one of those people who you can not see for ages but then pick up straight like you speak to each other everyday. It always shocks me how similarly we think! We went for a walk along the beautiful river, where we did a bit of rowing spectating and had a good old catch up. The weather was lovely, the river was this gorgeous green colour, the daffodils and croci were out…it couldn’t have been a nicer way to spend a morning.

We went for lunch at the Rusty Bicycle…which was amazing! It has the feel of a pub but the food is more pizza, salad and burgers. I went for the mushroom pizza, which was white (so no tomato sauce) and delicious. But massive. I was beaten hands down and I wasn’t ashamed. The pub has a great atmosphere, dark painted walls, mis-matched wooden furniture, and bicycle-themed pictures all over the place. It even has a bicycle hanging off the outside of the building!


The Rusty Bicycle Oxford


We managed to spend hours in the pub continuing our catch up but before I left I managed to fit in a trip to see my friend’s house for the first time (it was the cutest little cottage!).

I was super upset to say goodbye – I just wish we lived 2 minutes away, rather than 2 hours away!

The rest of the evening I spent looking at skiing clothes for my first ever ski holiday in a couple of weeks. I’m stressed beyond belief about it and the cost of ski wear did not help!

Sunday has been back to the usual chill-out/life admin day. An awesome 5k run along the river, a big grocery shop, cleaning the flat, Dexter, finalising and ordering my Easter card designs, and I’m currently knocking up a veggie roast (baked tofu using this recipe, roast potatoes with garlic and rosemary, and roast veg). It smells delicious!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

(P.S. The beautiful image of the daffodils is from Fawlty Spires’ blog)

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