Hi all! How were your weekends?

Mine’s been jam packed with family times and countryside which has been super lovely.

I came up North from London on the train on Thursday evening and was super psyched that they’d put a whole bunch of people who’d only bought standard tickets (like me) in a first class carriage! After a long time of standing around feeling confused and awkward (“but I definitely only bought a cheapo standard class ticket!”) I finally sat down and settled in. Free WiFi was a God send as I managed to get some extra work under my belt.

I was working from home (by that I mean my parents’ home…who else still refers back to their childhood home as “home”?!) on Friday and without an hour and a half commute it meant I got a lie in AND a run in the countryside with a beautiful sunrise before starting work. I wish I could start every morning like that! And for the first time in weeks I took a proper lunch break when my Gran came over. It was so nice to see her and I was far more productive when I went back to work afterwards!

Saturday morning I did some yoga (first time in weeks and boy were my hamstrings tight!). I’d also convinced one of my brothers to also come up and visit this weekend – but my parents had no idea. They got quite the (lovely) surprise when he rocked up on the doorstep that morning! After a good ol’ catch up we all went out for a very wet and muddy walk near the village which I LOVED – it was just so good to be out in the countryside and fresh air, manure and all!


Muddy walk

Rain drops on pond

To top off the morning we went for a pub lunch at the cutest pub ever! Full of floral decoration, wooden beams, roaring fires and chintsy china with a view to die for. Most importantly the food was delicious (though slim on the veggie options) and the staff were amazingly friendly. If you’re ever in Cheshire then definitely check it out, it’s called The Black Swan.

The Black Swan Cheshire

Stuffed beyond belief, the rest of the afternoon was spent by a coal fire, sketching (for my Easter Card challenge) and playing the piano. It was total bliss.

Coal fire


Today has been another great one! I squeezed in a countryside run (it was really hard to drag myself back inside afterwards!) and popped in to see my Gran one last time before I left. I just love all the stories she tells and random knowledge I learn (for example, today I learnt that in the pre-war era you couldn’t be a teacher if you were a married woman as maternity leave was deemed disruptive for the children in your class!). It was sad saying good bye to her, and I’m already looking forward to seeing her again at Easter.

I’m now sat on a super-slow train back to London (but for £9 I can’t really complain!) with a whole bunch of trashy TV to keep me going. And whilst I’m sad to have said goodbye to my family, it’s definitely a lot easier than it was at Christmas :)

What did you get up to this weekend?

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