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I feel we’re on a roll over here with our weekends at the moment! I’m loving them all :)

Yesterday started off with a great morning run before heading into town to do some shopping. I haven’t been shopping in ages and I just wanted to get something for the Valentine’s Day meal later on. I have one dress that I always wear for dinner when we go out and I was getting sick of it! In the end I picked up a few gorgeous pieces which I think I’ll get a lot of use out of.


Valentine's Day haul



Skirt from Miss Selfridge. (This is what I ended up wearing for our meal out with a simple floaty black top)

Dress from Warehouse

Dress from H&M

And when I got home I found a dozen red roses waiting for me – the boy did good!


Valentine's roses


This year I offered to organise a Valentine’s Day meal to make up for the last 4 years of moaning about it. I find it a really hard to get on board with – there’s so much commercialisation, bad attitudes to singledom, and forced romanticism. So I’ve kind of vetoed Valentine’s the last few years, despite my boyfriend’s best efforts and romantic gestures.

This year, however, I went all out. I booked for us to go to dinner at Gauthier in Soho as it had a great reputation for vegetarian food (though it doesn’t serve purely vegetarian food) and therefore fit with my boyfriend’s month of vegetarianism.


Gauthier Soho


We had other plans for Valentine’s Day itself so decided to book for the Saturday, but it still had a Valentine’s Day menu. And it was as full-on Valentinesy as you could want. Think roses on the table, candlelight, menus in red envelopes. The final course was even served on a red plate with each person in the couple receiving half a heart of delicious chocolatey goodness.

The whole experience was amazing. From having to ring a door bell to get in, to the warm welcome, to them remembering we were vegetarian from the booking, to the perfect service throughout, to the single red rose given to us at the end of the evening!

As far as Valentine’s day meals go, I have to say I went full on cliche, and bar the cringing from carrying a rose through the streets of London, I actually enjoyed getting completely into the spirit of things.

Today was also so much fun! Last year for the bf’s birthday I got him a helicopter flight round London and over a year later he finally booked it for today…and it was AMAZING!


London Helicopter Ride


I really wasn’t sure if I would like it, and there were bits that made me a bit nervous, but for the most part I relaxed and enjoyed it. Plus they greet you with prosecco, which was completely unexpected, but did help calm the nerves. Once we were up there the views were absolutely stunning and I just wish it had been longer!


Canary Wharf



We used the London Helicopter company which I can’t recommend enough. The flights aren’t cheap but if you want to get someone an unforgettable experience for a special occasion then this is priceless. On the flight before ours someone even got engaged!

All in all another great weekend. I just wish they didn’t go so quickly!

What was the best thing you did this weekend?


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