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Hi all! Can we have a “woop woop” for being over half way through the week?! Last push to the weekend.

We are this close to it being Friday
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I wanted to drop in and give you another update on how my mindfulness training is going.

The last couple of weeks have been focussed on building a foundation of practice so that it becomes an integral part of the day and to help us become more open and relaxed with mindfulness. The exercises for week 2 involved a body scan exercise where you focus in on one part of the body, paying attention to the sensations, and then moving you attention across all parts of the body. I found this super challenging! I have never felt more keen to move than when I was meant to be sat still paying attention to my body; I felt fidgety and trapped. It did get easier towards the end of the week but it was definitely one of my least favourite.

We also had to place smiley dot sticker somewhere and every time we see it we’re meant to be mindful of how we’re feeling and our environment at the time. I’ve placed mine on the front door as I’m so often in such a rush to get home that I crash through the door and don’t really say hi to my boyfriend properly. Taking some time before I go through the door to check in on how I’m feeling and to be mindful of how I feel to be home really sets me up for the evening.

Week 3’s exercise included mindful movements. Now I failed at this a bit as I had some kind of cold/flu/virus from hell so the last thing I wanted to do was move. But I had done the exercises in the class (how to annoy your mindfulness teacher and group in 1 easy step: cough every 30 seconds through the group mindfulness exercises…). The movements are really simple, mostly shifting weight between different parts of your body, and fully experiencing the change in feelings in your body. It really does make you feel so alive when you truly pay attention to how you’re feeling!

Mindful movements

What I did succeed at during week 3 was taking mindful walks. This is as simple as it sounds: just going for a walk and being mindful of the surroundings, how you feel, and taking in every moment. I often did this on my walk home from the tube and it was a really nice, calming way to finish the day.

Overall I’m really enjoying the course. I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed a massive difference in my natural way of thinking and reacting, but the conscious moments of mindfulness are making me get more out of life and giving me some breathing space, and for that I’m incredibly grateful!

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