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Over the last couple of weeks the jackpot on the lottery both in the UK and US has reached eye watering amounts. At work, in the shops…pretty much everywhere…I heard people talking about the upcoming draw and how they’d feel if they won the lottery.


When people were speaking about the lottery they spoke as if winning it would solve all of their problems. They’d “be so happy” if they had all that money as they could quit their job, buy a mansion, travel the world, own a yacht. If they only had millions and millions of pounds, then they could change their lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that the lottery raises heaps of money for good causes (The This Girl Can campaign that I talked about yesterday is lottery funded), but what I hate is the mentality that it encourages people to adopt. The “I’ll be happy when…” mentality. The “I can’t change my life without heaps of money” mentality.


What if we could be happy without all the money? What if we could be happy right now?! Money is not the answer to happiness (unless you’re homeless/in need of expensive medicine/have the answer to cure world hunger).

If you asked me what my perfect day would be then it would be getting up with the sunrise, going for a run and then crawling back into bed with my boyfriend. I’d have a leisurely breakfast then spend the day seeing family, spending time outside in nature, watching a bit of Netflix and going out for a candlelit dinner at a veggie restaurant.


I don’t need millions of pounds to do this. And I bet if you thought about your perfect day the main focus would be the people you’re spending it with and fairly inexpensive tasks.

The Lottery Mentality makes us feel that what we have isn’t enough. That we’re not enough.  And the more we hear people saying “if I just won the lottery…” then the more powerless we feel to change our own happiness. But actually we’re in charge of our own happiness, not the man pushing the button to “release the balls”.


If you’re waiting for something outside of you to change your life, the the chances are you’ll be waiting a very long time. Stop thinking IF and start thinking WHEN. WHEN I choose a job I love. WHEN I prioritise what’s important to me. WHEN I choose to make happiness rather than buy it. Your odds for happiness will be so much better than 1 in 45 million.

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