So it’s coming to the end of Gala Darling’s radical self love challenge and yesterday’s task was to write a radical self love letter to yourself.

This was pretty darn difficult. Everything I wrote, I questioned. I had to search hard for things I like and sometimes it felt cringey writing it. But I’m so glad I did. And I think you should all do the same! It might feel hard, but it shouldn’t! If you’re finding it tough it’s not because there’s a lack of things to love, you just need to work on your self love. So here we go.

Dearest Emma,

It feels odd calling you dearest, almost selfish. But you are my dearest. You have to be. You know me better than anyone else, and if I don’t look after you then I lose the most precious and vital thing for me. And there’s no “us” then we can’t look after all the people we care about.

Emma White 2015

You’ve had a tough few years where you’ve beaten yourself up, malnourished yourself, failed to believe in yourself. And it’s time to change that and to show yourself some love.

Your Dad always says you’re your own worst critic, and he’s right. You find fault in things no one else ever notices, and you fail to celebrate the things you excel at.

So what about your best qualities? Well, you’re quick to please others, even if it means going out of your own way. I know you sometimes don’t feel accomplished or like an expert at anything, but you now what? You can find your way round a piano, you can sketch something that looks vaguely like it’s supposed to and you have a critical mind which helps you to sieve out the crap. Your sense of humour may not be to everyone’s taste, but you can make the ones who matter giggle. You have a hunger to learn – about the world, about people, and yourself – and that will enrich your life and open many doorways.

Grandad's piano

You’re also stubborn, strong minded, unable to deal with inefficiency, and a clean freak. But these make you who you are, and you should never be without these quirks.

You need to give yourself some grace and celebrate the person you’ve come. Sure, you’re not perfect, but neither is anyone else, and that’s what makes us all unique! Stress less, laugh often, and give yourself some grace. With this, your confidence will grow and you’ll radiate even more awesomeness to the world.

Love, You x

What would you say in a self love letter to yourself?

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