Last week I talked about how I’d signed up for a mindfulness course with work. I thought you might all find it helpful if I shared my thoughts and some of the tasks with you so you too can add mindfulness into your lives.


The first session was mostly an introduction to mindfulness, discussing as a group our hopes and fears for the course. We did a couple of mindfulness exercises in the class and were set a number of tasks to do as homework. With the course you get a free book and CD with mindfulness exercises which are set as part of the homework throughout the 8 weeks.

Over the week since my first session I’ve been doing two ten minute mindfulness exercises a day. The first couple of days I failed miserably! I hadn’t downloaded the CD exercises on to my phone, I hadn’t figured out how to incorporate it into my day, and so I didn’t get it done. But eventually I realised I needed to make this a priority. I even started sitting on the tube with my eyes closed, listening to the exercise! It’s a sure fire way to get some odd looks from other people – but so what?! It shouldn’t matter what other people think, I know it’s good for me. Plus there’s a guy on the same train as me who meditates for the whole journey, so I wasn’t alone! Though I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty difficult to tune out everything going on around you, but I figured if I can train myself to do mindfulness on the tube then I can be mindful anywhere!


I’ve been doing the second session in the evening before I go to bed. I’m not sure I’ve got to the end of any of my evening sessions still awake…but I guess that at least shows it’s relaxing me!

Another of the tasks we were set as homework was to do “mindfulness mouthfuls”. For the first mouthful of every meal I’m meant to be eating mindfully: looking closely at the food, smelling it, feeling it once I place it in my mouth. The aim is to get as many different sensations out of the food as possible…to fully experience the mouthful. This is something I’ve been less successful with. I seem to get half way through my meal before I remember to do it, but at least when I eventually remember I do try and make the time to do it!


Whilst it has been difficult to try and find time to do the various exercises I’m feeling incredibly motivated to make this work. They say it takes 28 days to create a habit, so if I stick with it then by the time I’ve finished my 8 week course the habit should be well and truly ingrained!

If you live in London check out Marina’s website for more information about her courses. There’s also a really interesting blog on her site, so check that out wherever you are!

Do you think you could incorporate mindfulness into your week?

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