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On Friday I got sent home from work after completely losing my voice.

I’m not someone who usually loses their voice. Colds, yes. Headaches, yes. Coughs and sore throats, never. So when I was rendered speechless in a meeting with the Assistant Director of my Department it was a new and bizarre experience. I had important things to say and no way of saying them!

On my way to get the train home I considered ringing my boyfriend to tell him I’d be home early…but then realised that might prove tricky.

On my tube home I got out my tablet to write a blog post as usual. And I realised this was a voice that I hadn’t lost! And it struck me quite how powerful blogging is. It gives a voice to anybody! All you need is access to a computer and internet (which if you’re reading this probably means you’re set) and something to say.

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Whilst a lot of blogs nowadays do rely on pictures and video, at the heart of a blog is the written word. You can write, and it it doesn’t matter what your gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, wealth or age. They can all be irrelevant if you want them to be. You don’t need a GCSE in Maths or an award-winning smile – you just need to want to share something with the world.

Blogging gives a voice to thousands. There are blogs like PostSecret who give anonymous people the opportunity to tell a secret…which in turn helps others with   deal with their own problems. There are blogs written people with disabilities, health conditions…you name it and there’ll be a blogger who represents that area – and that’s so wonderful!

So if you feel like you don’t have a voice, change it! Get yourself a little corner of the internet (there are plenty of free ways to do so – look at Blogger or WordPress) and put your thoughts out to the universe!

Boy, it’s been good to get out some sentences that sound louder than a whisper!

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