Hi guys. So it’s been a while. I’ll talk about that in another post as and when it comes, but for today I want to talk about…Trump. During the presidential election race Trump talked about a lot of things. A lot of things that many of us would never imagine being uttered in today’s world, […]

Easter eggs


Hi all! Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter! I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog for┬áthe last couple of weeks as I’ve been away quite a lot. I’m writing up a post about what I’ve been up to and a few issues I’ve been dealing with as a result very soon. I’ll be back […]



So it’s coming to the end of Gala Darling’s radical self love challenge and yesterday’s task was to write a radical self love letter to yourself. This was pretty darn difficult. Everything I wrote, I questioned. I had to search hard for things I like and sometimes it felt cringey writing it. But I’m so […]

Kew Gardens lake bridge


It has been a lovely weekend over here! My parents came down to stay this weekend. It’s the first time they’ve braved an overnight stay so it was very exciting! I don’t know about you but I always feel a bit of pressure when people come and stay: I want people to feel at home […]


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hi guys – just popping in real quick to let you know you can now follow Project Body Image on Bloglovin’ which is a super awesome blog reading platform! Hope you’re all having fabulous evenings xxx Please follow and like us:



This month I’ve been doing Gala Darling‘s radical self love challenge over on Instagram. Today’s challenge was to post a picture of your journal. (If you’re a stationery addict then you’re going to want to go and check those out!) I’ve journalled back since secondary school. It started off as the usual adolescent desire to […]

Cinnamon on Christmas trees


Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or at least it is when you can relax, spend time with loved ones, and not constantly be freaking out about food. If you have, or have had, a bad relationship with food, Christmas can be overwhelming. Sometimes it can seem like Christmas is all about […]

Once upon a time


This week was birthday week! My boyfriend planned such an amazing day, making me feel so special. Everything from arranging for a wheat-free cake to be delivered from the Hummingbird Bakery, to indulging my Christmas lights obsession. It was the most perfect day. It ended with a trip to see Derren Brown, who’s a psychological […]

Sugary sweets


So recently I’ve been a sugar monster. There have been so many work meetings or social events where treats have been involved. I’m not going to lie, it’s been great to feel relaxed enough to eat these foods without the guilt and panic I’ve felt for years. I had chocolate Animal biscuits last week for […]