This quote is so perfect for so many situations in life. I would never have ended up living where I am now if I hadn’t taken a leap of faith to move out of London. We would never be in the careers we are now if we hadn’t taken a leap of faith to apply […]

Monday Motivation Green


  This is so right for me at the moment! Even though I’ve been pushing for this house move for ages, now that it’s actually happening I get a touch of cold feet. I think how unknown things will be – moving to a new property, new landlord, new town, new commute, new neighbours, new […]

Monday Motivation Green


  This. Always. Sometimes we think if something doesn’t go to plan then that’s it, everything’s ruined (and quick, turn to food or restricting to deal with this)! But there are lots of different routes to a destination, so take a breath, think logically, and realise that everything’s still to play for! Please follow and […]



  We tell ourselves we can’t do things because we’re not clever enough, or pretty enough, or funny enough. By thinking limiting thoughts we limit ourselves. And life’s too short for that. So next time you think “I can’t do this because of me” why not change it round and think “I CAN do this […]

Monday Motivation


  Ha! This is me all over! (Though I’m devastatingly cape-less!). The important thing is that we recognise this characteristic in ourselves. This way when we start jumping to the worst conclusions we can recognise this, and know it to simply be our faulty perceptions rather than fact. This week try and see how often […]