Hi! Welcome to Project Body Image!

I wonder how you found me here. Having a tough day/month/year/life? Caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and had your heart fall? Feeling annoyed at how unfair society is in making us feel rubbish about ourselves? Taking a step towards giving your disordered eating a kick in the balls?

Well take a breath. Get yourself a hot beverage and delve straight in.

Project Body Image started as a way to fight back against all the messages that get sent to us on a minute by minute basis telling us how we have to look and act and feel. It’s here to give our community another way of thinking and a little voice in our ear to contradict every time you tell yourself you’re not good enough. It’s here to put an end to every tear, sigh, and moment of self-hatred caused by negative thoughts about ourselves.

This is not just a site about body image. It’s about your whole self-confidence. How you see yourself as an entirety and how you are so special because of every square millimetre inside and out.

Imagine how much good could happen in the world if rather than hating ourselves we believed we could be and do everything we wanted. Every second we spend thinking negative thoughts about who we are could be spent realising our potential and making our dreams a reality. Think how much extra time could be spent belly laughing with friends, losing ourselves in romantic moments, loving our families.

I hope by taking a look at some of my pages you hear one thing: ‘you’re AWESOME, just the way you are’.

If you have any questions, thoughts or rants about life, please send them my way to emma@projectbodyimage.com – I’d love to hear them!



Hi, I’m Emma!

After having a somewhat messed up relationship with food (hello 400-600 calories a day ‘life’style) I sought some help, started eating properly, and realised what a messed up world we live in. I had pretty much put a self-destruct button on my life: straining relationships, ruining my body, and missing out on memory-making moments. I lost perspective on who I was and what I was doing in life.

And you know what? Everyday the majority of women think something negative about themselves and beat themselves up. We treat ourselves in a way we would never treat someone else. So I tend to rant a lot about society and the media and how we got ourselves in to a position where the societal norms are kind of ridiculous. If I can help just one person see things differently and love themselves better, becoming a role model for others, then I’ll be happy!

When I’m not ranting I’m normally found eating nut butter straight out of the jar in my London flat, omming out in my bent legged version of a downward dog, stretching my legs somewhere between a walk and a jog, or curled up on the sofa watching all kinds of bizarre TV programmes.