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I feel like I say this every month…but how is it *insert current month* already?!

May. That’s like verging on a month that produces expectations of better weather. Of sunshine and green leaves and flowers…and dare I say it (whispers): warmer temperatures!

The beginning of May saw me consume my first animal product in a month. Obviously in the form of chocolate.

When I decided to go vegan for one of my April goals I was unsure of how it would turn out or whether I would make it. But I did! And here are my observations from being vegan for the month:

  • Food gave me joy. I don’t know why, it just did. Maybe it’s this feeling that fuels the smug look often found on the face of a vegan. I felt good after eating, kind of a warm, fuzzy feeling, knowing that it was harmless to others. I don’t know whether I had more energy alongside it but I felt good and that’s all that mattered. I also felt part of a group – and I loved that.
  • Eating vegan in no way means that you’re automatically healthier. I probably ate more junk food in this last month than for a long time! It was just so exciting when you found that M&S’ vegetarian fizzy Colin Caterpillar sweets are vegan! And oreos…well I lost count of how many packs of those I ate.
  • On the other hand, if you aren’t eating junk food morning, noon and night – it’s so easy to pump yourself full of nutrients. There were times where I’d had 3 portions of vegetables by the time I’d finished breakfast! And the first couple of weeks (before I discovered all the junk food) my skin did look way better as a result.The one macro I did struggle with was protein.
  • Protein is HARD. I know, I know. ..pulses, nuts, seeds, tofu…There are heaps of options. But I didn’t want to overdo the tofu, there are only so many beans I could eat…It just seemed hard. Breakfasts I found particularly difficult and often found myself reaching for carby breakfasts which just don’t sustain me until lunch quite as well.
  • Thinking about how I ate reinstated some non-vegan healthy habits. In an effort to avert worries of further depleting my iron stores I’ve been back on the spirulina (and can already see a massive difference in my nail strength!) and I’m on a double dosage of spatone. If I’m not iron (wo)man within a few months I’ll be astounded.
  • No vegan chocolate can beat Dairy Milk. I’m sorry, just no.
  • Vegan cheese is…alright. Admittedly I only tried stuff from a supermarket, so it’s not the best quality stuff ever known to man. However when I opened it I thought I was going to hate it, so when I melted it on toast, covered it in ketchup and it tasted darn good I was impressed!
  • Despite that, my life long belief that everything is better with cheese turned out not to be true. Things taste perfectly good without it.
  • There are some vegan alternatives which taste just the same as regular versions. Pesto being a great example – so why don’t they jut make it dairy free?!
  • Eating out as a vegan doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Even Zizzis and Pizza Express have vegan options now!
  • I formed some opinions. Yes, me! Sit on the fence me! The more I thought about it, the more gross and unethical milk seemed. In fact I started going so far as to cause it “evil cheese”. I went on angry rants at my parents when we walked past a farm because I couldn’t deal with how cruel it all was. But I also realised that I didn’t have any moral issues about eating eggs from hens that are raised on nice, organic farms with plenty of space – it was all about their standard of living (and them not being killed for my benefit).
  • But at the same time as getting all these strong opinions I realised how helpless I felt. When I walked past that farm with my parents the other day I knew that me not eating animal products was not going to stop those cows from having to go through the impregnation-baby taken away from them-milked-impregnated cycle. But over time, maybe as a group we can change this.

Soooo…after my ramble, where do I stand?

Right now, being a full-time vegan isn’t for me. I find it difficult enough asking other people to cook vegetarian meals for me or dictating where we go for dinner. And as I said, as long as I’m eating eggs that are ethically raised I don’t have any moral issues against them. So I will be cutting down on the animal products I eat: I don’t agree with dairy farming, and I can’t always be certain where the eggs have come from. But I won’t be turning vegan, and that’s the best place for me now.

In terms of my other goal to build some sewed animals…that didn’t happen. Life’s just been too busy with house viewings and sorting out the move that it fell on the back burner.

For my May goals I want to:

  • Focus on getting through the house move without a breakdown and turning our new place in to a home! There’s loads to do over the next few weeks and I want to stay as stress-free as possible.The task of packing seems this massive daunting task, so I’m keen to get started on that this weekend once the boxes arrive. I’m also keen to make the new place feel like a home as soon as possible. It’s hard when it’s a rental place, but I was working away so much when we moved into our current home I felt like I didn’t give it much love and attention. <– Yes I realise this isn’t really a “try new things” goal but sometimes life has to take priority!
  • Take a photo a day. Our current place feels so much like home (both the flat and the location) and this month will represent a big chance. I want to document it as much as possible!
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