Spring. Longer days, flowers blooming, warmer temperatures.

It’s also the season of fewer layers, the putting away of black tights, and short skirts and sleeves.

The first time each year that I go out without my winter coat, or wearing nude or even no tights, after a winter of baggy, figureless dark clothes and black tights, I feel so on show.

I feel like my body is screaming “Look at me! Look at my flaws!” and everyone is turning round and watching.

I feel half-naked, vulnerable and unbelievably self-conscious.

Sometimes I cling to my winter coats and black tights far beyond the normal switchover. Which in fact makes me stick out even more. And results me in sweating profusely on tubes whilst everyone else is looking calm and sweat-free in their t-shirts!

Each year though, when I feel the panic setting in, I remind myself that I never look at anyone else and judge their bodies. In fact I wouldn’t be able to tell you what most people were wearing! So why do I assume everyone is looking at me?! I’m sure you’ve all felt the same at points.

Secondly, our body is our body. It’s amazing for just existing. Every day it gets us from A to B, it undergoes thousands of chemical reactions, it battles against the weather, it process an amazing amount of data. We should be proud of it for everything it does, and we shouldn’t hide it or feel ashamed to show it off.

So next time you’re worried about revealing a bit more of yourself than you’ve gotten accustomed to over the winter, feel proud to show off your amazing body!



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