Hello lovelies, hope you’ve all had great weekends!

This weekend’s been another good one. Yesterday we ventured up to Hertfordshire to check out some towns that we might want to move to. When I started my job up in North London last year we always said we’d consider moving a bit closer to shorten my current hour and a half commute. I’ve also been keen to move out of London for a while; at heart I’m a country girl and sometimes (ok, often) the quick pace of London can be overwhelming. Plus the property prices in London are CRAZY and I was starting to feel trapped, wondering whether I would ever have enough money to ever afford even a tiny flat.

Despite it being a drizzly day we had a really lovely time! It was so nice seeing lots of different places and learning about the history. And the fresh air and more laid-back atmosphere was really welcomed! We started off in St Albans which was beautiful: we had a wander round the market, and then round the Abbey to the conservation centre which was like walking through a postcard!


St Albans Cathedral


Our second stop of the day was Welwyn Garden City. It kind of took our breath away even when the bus was driving around the residential areas. It was so green and villagey and quaint. If you don’t know about garden cities then check out Wikipedia (I found it super interesting!) but essentially they were designed to help families move into affordable accommodation outside of the busy cities and balanced industry, agriculture and residential spaces. There’s lots of greenery and the “cities” are surrounded by countryside to give inhabitants quick access to Mother Nature – isn’t that such a lovely concept for creating desirable places to live?! If I was designing new towns this is exactly what I’d base it on!


Welwyn Garden City


We finished off in Hertford. Again, stunning architecture…and a castle. Who doesn’t want to live somewhere with a castle?!




We’ve still got a lot of thinking to do about if and where we’ll move, but it was a great day out!

Sunday’s been spent catching up on life admin. Managed a quick run this morning in the Spring-like weather (I’ve been struck down this week with some weird cough/chest infection – I even took my first proper sick days in years! – so I took it nice and easy) and was glad I’d made the most of the good weather since now we’ve been struck by Storm Imogen! Also cleaned the flat (boy did it need it!), am in the process of trying to sort out Valentine’s Day dinner (such a stressful task!), went for a quick walk along the river, and did a food order. I haven’t done a big food shop the last couple of weeks as we’ve had visitors or been away, and I’ve felt so unmotivated with cooking. And I felt really guilty as my boyfriend’s doing a month of eating veggie and so far I’ve not cooked him anything to show him how good veggie food can be! So hopefully this food order will put that to rights!


Kew Garden River Thames walk


What have you done with your weekends?

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