Doesn’t it feel good to have January out of the way!? For me it’s always the hardest month of the year…and it seems SO LONG! Once we get to February I feel a bit more optimism for the year. There’s pancake day, Easter, the clocks change, DAFFODILS – lots of good things to look forward to!


Today I wanted to sum up my challenges from January and introduce my February ones.

January’s challenges were to replace one run with weights a week, and the other was to blog everyday. Check out my mid-month feelings here.

I LOVED weights. I loved that the pain was in short bursts. I loved that I didn’t have to go out on cold, dark winter evenings. And I loved feeling strong. It’s such a completely different feeling to running and it turns out I love them both! In fact I love them both so much that this challenge is a keeper and I intend on sticking to the the two runs and one weights session schedule through February and maybe even beyond!

I had the biggest feeling of pride come the end of January after successfully blogging every day, more so than for anything I’ve done in a long time (except, of course, finishing therapy!). There were days when spending the evening in front of a computer was the last thing I wanted to as I had a bazillion and one other things to do, but there was such a sense of achievement every time I put a blog post up and I grew to love my little corner of the internet, and you guys, even more. There’s still so much I want to do on the blog (hello never ending to do list!) but I’m so happy to see how far I’ve come in a month and am excited to see people reading what I write! (Thank you, you amazing people!)

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Whilst I won’t be continuing to write every day (I don’t want the quality of my posts to suffer for quantity) I still plan on posting 2-3 times a week. February should hopefully be the month I find my blogging groove!

So on to February. Again I’ve set myself two goala.

1) Design and create some Easter cards. Every year I promise myself I’ll do this (just for my family ) but I never get round to doing it. It’ll be a great chance to get out my pencils and paints again, and hopefully create something I’m proud of in time for the start of March. I’m also hoping to find something linked to this that helps me to meet new people.

Easter chick

2) Give up social media. On Sunday night I logged out of all my social media for 28 days! (By the way, logging out of social media is a challenge in itself! They really don’t want you to find the log out button!). This wasn’t a challenge I necessarily chose myself:  over Christmas my boyfriend announced that he would become vegetarian for a month if I gave up social media for the same amount of time. I’ve been vegetarian for years, and am incredibly passionate about it, so this wasn’t an offer I was going to turn down!

This means no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube or blog reading. I have, however, negotiated that I can use scheduling software to post to Instagram and Twitter – so my account won’t completely go silent. Though I won’t be able to respond to comments on any of my social media posts, so please don’t think I’m being rude!


Instagram log out

I’m definitely going to miss social media – if you follow the right people then it’s a community of highly passionate and inspirational group of people. However I am looking forward to seeing whether I start appreciating my life more without so many opportunities to compare myself to others.

Do you have any February goals? How are your New Years resolutions going?

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