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Today’s random running story was that I terrorised a local OAP. We collided on a blind corner. She screamed. I screamed. (We all screamed ice cream…). Then we laughed. The end.

But sometimes not knowing what’s round the corner is a bit more serious. Back to Christmas. I know, I know, Christmas is so last year and I’ve already gushed about how it was one of the best Christmases ever but there were bits that were hard. The Sunday before Christmas my Gran got rushed into hospital due to some haemorrhaging. My parents had a long night in A&E and my Gran was admitted to a ward for further investigation. Over the next week there were a  lot of hospital visits and life was pretty up in the air.

Whilst not that long ago the lack of control over the situation would have driven me to exert control on my eating, this time I was able to switch my mindset. Yes it was hard, scary and sad, but it brought my family closer together and made me appreciate each and every one of them even more. It was also the kick up the backside to make me consider the opportunities that were passing me by: my Gran isn’t always going to be there, and whilst there’s nothing I can do about it I can make sure I spend as much quality time with her as possible. Living hundreds of miles away isn’t the easiest, but in a world of quick trains and multiple methods of communication there’s no excuse.

It also reiterated how important it is to love and nourish your body. The only way you can make the most of your time with people in your life is if you can be full present. If you’re in a sugar coma after a sugar binge, or can’t focus because you’ve barely eaten, then there’s no way you can achieve this.

It’s also a great reminder of how lucky we are to have functioning and healthy bodies, which is so much more important than size or appearance! Next time you think to criticise your body for having an extra wobble here or a bulge there, remember that actually your body is a healthy and happy home for you. What more could we really ask for?!

My Gran is absolutely fine now, and she was actually discharged late afternoon on Christmas Day which was just the best Christmas present! I hope you too were able to cherish your family this Christmas.

What’s your favourite family Christmas activity?

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