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So you’ve been strong. You listened to my diet plea and thought “no thank you, Mr Diet, you’re not for me “. That’s awesome!

Then your friend rings to tell you she’s started the best diet yet and is going to have a model body in no time. Or you get into work and suddenly all of your colleagues are dipping Ryvita into Cup-A-Soups. Well that wasn’t part of the new, body confident you that you’d planned.

When you’re surrounded by others dieting it can make you feel guilty, left out, like you’re not looking after yourself. Your friends may start chirping on about how sugar’s the devil, or have endless conversations about body weight. This can be super polluting to your new head space of positive self talk and healthy relationship with food.

Diet problems

So here are my 5 tips to stay sane when everyone around you is on diet insanity:

1) Ask yourself why they’re dieting: Maybe your friend’s been advised to lose some weight by their doctor, for example if they’re overweight. Or has the diet industry’s marketing made them feel like they need to diet? If it’s the former then you can’t compare yourself to them. If it’s the latter then keep remembering that the diet industry is there to make us feel bad enough about ourselves that we spend money on their products.
2) Read body positivity blogs or browse through motivational social media accounts: To balance out the negative messages you’re receiving spend some time visiting places that will expose you to more positive messages…even if that means checking Instagram in the loo for a couple of minutes! The diet industry is a persuasive beast, and having some social media goddesses breaking down their arguments can often by much needed!

3) Remember, food does not equal guilt: There are no good or bad foods. Sugar is not the devil. Earing fat will not make you fat. Even if your friends are saying it then it doesn’t make it true. They’re probably being fed the same rubbish by the diet industry that you now know is a load of twaddle.
4) Don’t compare: No two bodies are the same. We are all different shapes and sizes. We all have different metabolic rates. We’re all going to need different amount of food depending on who we are or what we’ve done that day. And don’t forget, if your friend is dieting and eating less than you that does not by default mean you’re overeating: less is not best when you’re eating along with your body needs.
5) Love yourself: Dieting is not a kind way to treat yourself. Remind yourself of all the amazing things you are to give you more self worth than your body shape. Next time your friend cracks out the meal replacement shake then tell yourself why you’re amazing and then nourish yourself with amazing food. You don’t need to diet, you’re perfect as you are!

Healthy blueberries

I hope these tips help! It can be so hard when everyone else is doing things that are often claimed to be “healthy” and “beneficial” but you’re awesome without dieting. And let your friends know they are too!

Do you have any extra tips?

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