This weekend was the first London Lumiere event. It’s a free event hosted by London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, where a number of light art installations are put up around the city.

Naturally as it’s free (I love anything free!) I went down on Saturday night with my boyfriend.

London lumiere 2015

What I learnt from heading down:

1. Moving sperm-like lit-up objects can be enchanting.

London lumiere 2015

2. There’s some modern art that I just don’t get (read: most modern art).

London lumiere 2015

3. I can’t be dealing with crowds (some light installations had to be turned off because the crowds became too dangerous – not surprising really! Give something to Londoners for free and they will swarm!)

London lumiere 2015

4. I love me some sparkly lights.

What did you get up to this weekend?

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