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As I said a couple of days ago there are a million diets floating around this time of year. From low fat to low sugar, to starving yourself for 2 days a week (ahem, sorry, the 5:2 diet).

Well they all suck, but I’ve got the answer to all your problems. And it means you get to eat whatever you fancy and most importantly love yourself at the end of it.

So follow these easy Project Body Image diet rules to get you the body you love in no time at all.

1. Cut the carbs…hating: Carbs get such a bad wrap. But guess what – our bodies need them. They give us the energy we need to function and fruit and veg fall into the carbs family, so cutting carbs means cutting nutrients. So stop the carb-hating!

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2. Starve yourself…of negative body thoughts: “I’m so fat”. “My thighs wobble”. “I have cellulite everywhere”. These are the kinds of thoughts that go through our brains multiple times a day. Do they make anything better? Definitely not. We don’t realise how much we’re affected when we think these thoughts, but the more times you give yourself a message, the more real it becomes in your mind even if it doesn’t reflect reality. And not only that, but fat and cellulite are part of being women! They are normal characteristics of our bodies that we should love because they’re part of who we are!

3. Work outyour positive thoughts: Rather than thinking negative thoughts focus on making your positive thoughts stronger. Keep repeating positives, like “I have great eyes”, or “My body has produced 2 wonderful children” or “My body enables me to run 5k”. Our bodies are some of the most crazy complex things in the entire world and we should celebrate this!

4. Go hard…on treating yourself kindly: You are a kind and lovely human being. You have feelings and insecurities just like the next person. You deserve to be loved and cared for. You don’t deserve to be treated like sh*t, starved, exercised to exhaustion and made to feel unworthy. Do what makes you feel happy: get out in nature, read a good book in a bath overflowing with bubbles, watch an entire season on Netflix in one sitting…

Bubble bath

5. Pump some iron: Know what makes you feel good. After my eating disorder I had some pretty hardcore nutrient deficiencies, particularly with iron. To feel and do your best you need to nourish yourself. Different people need different things: for me I need to take my iron supplements whilst I rebuild my stores – you may need to eat a few more oranges to give you the vitamin C to avoid the dreaded office cold. Listen to your body and give it what it needs.

What alternative diet tips would you suggest?

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