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It’s not often a book will stick with me for weeks and months. Snippets continuing to come back to me, and lessons I’ve learned still being implemented.

I read the Happiness Project a while back now, and still I think about it everyday.

The Happiness Project

I didn’t read it because I thought I was unhappy. I read it because I wanted to better understand what happiness is.

The Happiness Project was created when Gretchen Rubin went on a year-long challenge to see if a number of tasks would lead her to be happier. Monthly topics saw her do a range of activities from decluttering, to stopping nagging, to writing a novel in 30 days.

Her book is not so much a step-by-step guide for happiness – one of the key principles she set for her year was to “Be Gretchen”, to remember that what makes her happy will not necessarily be the same as for someone else. What makes her happy may not make you or I happy. But it is an excellent guide for looking at your life and identifying what might make you happier.

At the end of the year she concluded that she was, in fact, happier. It didn’t mean that there weren’t bad days or times when she felt upset, but overall she (and interestingly the people around her) were happier.


Surely happiness is our true goal in life? We may be aiming for a promotion, or a larger house, or marriage – but at the end of the day we want these things because we think they’ll make us happier.  And there are many smaller, more immediately realistic things we can do on a daily basis that can make us feel happy.

Pllllease go and read the Happiness Project! It’s changed how I act on a daily basis and I hope it can do the same for you too. You can find out more about it on Gretchen’s website.

What makes you happy?

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