We’re almost half way through what to me is always the longest month of the year. And that means half way through my first month of The Project: a series of month long tasks to figure out who I am and to rebuild Me after my eating issues.

Since starting I’ve called it all kinds of things: my New Years resolutions; my journey of self discovery; a Happiness Project, and even a new phase of recovery! However on reflection I think it basically comes down to a project to improve my body image (how I view myself not just physically but also in terms of my character) or Project Body Image if you will!

I had 2 goals for January:
1) Blog every day
2) Replace one run with a weights session

Blogging every day has been super hard (a full time job and a 3 hour round commute doesn’t really leave much time) but I’m loving it! Do I think my content is the best it could be? No way! But I’m loving the process of writing and thinking and feeling like I’m doing something that one day may inspire even just one person to focus on loving themselves better!

Project Body Image screenshot

I’ve been participating in The Blogger Project’s January Challenge (run by the amazing Davida and Lee from The Healthy Maven and Fit Foodie Finds) and it’s been SO GOOD interacting with a group of other bloggers. I’m not going to lie, it was terrifying the first time I put my blog link out there, knowing that awesome bloggers may judge my work! I still haven’t quite identified with the term “blogger” yet as I feel way too new and inexperienced for that, but hopefully this will develop and slowly be a part of what I see as part of my “identity”.

As for weight lifting I’m also completely loving it! Whilst I do love running it’s been hard motivating myself to go out after work in the dark and cold when I’m super tired. I really enjoy getting to do a workout in the comfort of my home but more than that I love feeling strong!


However, besides these 2 specific goals I set myself this month, the overall project aim of trying new things has brought a whole heap of awesomeness! I started listening to TED talk podcasts and I love them! I honestly can’t get enough. I’m constantly telling my boyfriend everything I’ve learnt in them, and there’s so much to take on board for use in every day life. I feel eager to keep learning more and more, which is something I haven’t felt in ages.

The project also inspired me to randomly book a classical music concert at short notice. Normally I feel I have to plan for these things months in advance and that I couldn’t put out the expenditure for these things. But this time I threw caution to the wind and I LOVED it. It was in a venue that I’d wanted to visit for ages (Londoners, check out Wilton’s Music Hall – it’s so unbelievably beautiful!) and the music took me right back to being in my grandfather’s lounge when he used to play the piano. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a Friday night.

Wilton's Music Hall

For the rest of the month I want to focus on:
– Creating a plan for blogging next month – fewer posts but ensuring I get to enjoy something I’m loving
– Keep up the excitement for the project, including creating clear tasks for each month coming up
– Find the best strength workout for me and the right weight to lift

How are your resolutions going?

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