Growing up. It kinda sucks. Let’s face, it who wouldn’t rather be playing in a sandpit than doing the laundry? In fact the only present I asked for this last birthday was a cuddly unicorn toy, which I think’s saying something!


Quite often I get anxious and angry about growing up. There are money problems and you have to go to work and no one reads you a bed time story anymore. Your body starts to have more aches and pains. And there’s pressure pressure pressure. Things just feel a bit like they’re spiralling out of control, and at 27 surely I’ve got a lot of similar years ahead of me?! Or at least that’s what it can feel like.

My eating habits are often related to how I feel I’m coping with adulthood. Sometimes things can feel like they’re just too much…and I eat to forget it. Chocolate, crisps, toast…anything that stops me from having to think about things. Often whilst curled up in the foetus position, crying into Trevor the unicorn.

Trevor the Unicorn

When we grow up we think our parents know EVERYTHING. We think all adults do. Well, they were just really good bluffers. Sure things get easier. The second time you spill staining tomato sauce down your favourite top you’ve got a better chance of saving it than the first time (though let’s just say I’m still on a learning curve with that one). But as adults we’re going go be faced with lots of new things to figure out how to deal with.

But not all of the stuff that comes our way as we grow up is shitty like bills and funerals and jobs and cleaning up after your cat brings you a half-mauled dead mouse. Without growing up we don’t get some of the most amazing experiences of our lives, like falling completely and utterly in love, having children, achieving careers and degrees, drinking WINE, being able to leave your clothes on the floor without a senior telling you to pick them up… With growing up becomes the freedom to truly find out who you are. If you have a love for comic books you suddenly have the choice to spend all your hard-earned money on them. You can travel to any corner of the world you want. You can laugh and cry and talk until the early hours of the morning with whoever you want. The world is your oyster. And all you need is the confidence to embrace it and live your life!

Langkawi beach, Malaysia

So next time everything seems too much, remember this: You’re awesome, you’ve got this – you don’t need to know how to get tomato stains out of your top to live the most fabulous life. You don’t need an entire packet of biscuits to take away the pain. A stressful day at work is not the end of the world, and there’s always someone who loves you, an adult colouring book, and a unicorn toy waiting for you at the end of the day…and maybe even one of the many new adventures that adulthood can bring your way.

What’s the best freedom that being an adult has brought your way?

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