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How is it 2016 already?! Where did Christmas go?? It’s a sure sign you’re getting older when things whizz by before you’ve even noticed they’ve happened.

Around this time of year around 1 in 5 of us make a resolution to lose weight, even if it’s to lose a few pounds that our bodies won’t thank us for (ladies, our bodies are designed to carry some fat!). Brands go all out on marketing their latest detox or diet, workout plan, or low calorie food. We’re made to feel guilty about indulging in Christmas treats. We’re told this is the year to have the body we’ve always dreamed of, and we’re told about these wonder products that will enable us to lose weight whilst eating whatever we want.

Woman weighing herself

Bull sh*t.

Actually, you already have your dream body. You have a body that does amazing things, from breathing to loving to getting you from A to B. It doesn’t matter what size of clothes you wear or how toned your stomach is: what matters more is your happiness and health. Those products they market? They’re designed to make profits from your low self-esteem and body image and to constantly make you feel bad about yourself so you continue to buy more.

Please remember how amazing you are right now, at the weight and size you are. Don’t harm yourself through restrictive diets or cut out food groups or exercise excessively. Instead make your resolution one of self love and your happiest relationship with food ever!

This year I’ve chosen 2 resolutions:

Smile: A simple one worder! I feel sometimes I find the negatives in every situation rather than the opportunities and I worry about everything! If I can do a bit more smiling and a little less frowning I’ll be chuffed.

Emma White 2015

Try new things: I’m putting together a list of new things to try each month to find out more about what I like. Hopefully it will be a great way to get to know more about myself and meet new people along the way. It’s definitely pushing myself out of my comfort zone but I know it’ll be worth it. January’s goals are trying strength training (by cutting out a run), and blogging every day. I’m excited!

What are your resolutions?

Guys, I’m also going to be doing #radicalselflovejanuary over on Instagram with the wonderful Gala Darling – come and join in! I think it will be an awesome and inspirational way to start 2016.

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