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Yesterday I talked about change, and how it can be tough to deal with. Today I wanted to share my top tips for making change a bit more bearable!

1) Identify all the things that are staying the same around you: There are always going to be some things that are going to stay the same. It might be that your friends will still be around (even if that’s at the end of the phone) or even something as simple as your morning routine will stay the same. Knowing the things that will stay unchanged can really help bring a sense of familiarity and stability.

2) Identify what’s not changing internally: I’ve gotta sneak some mindfulness in here somewhere! Even when things may be changing all around you there will always be a consistency within you. You will keep breathing, in and out. Your entire body, your heart, your emotions, your personality – they’re not going anywhere! Everything that’s got you through change in the past is still there today and you’re more equipped than ever to get through this.


3) List the things stressing you out: What exactly are you worried about? You may find it hard to articulate at first but keep at it and you should eventually be able to write your concerns down. Once you’ve identified what you’re worried about you can start to work on those things to make them less scary. For example, if you’re moving away from friends and you’re worried you’ll lose touch then put something in the diary to meet up (even if months away) and set up a weekly Skype session. They’ll be super happy that you’re so keen to keep in touch! If you’re worried about failing at your new job, list down all the resources that you have on hand to help – an old colleague who could provide some advice, old templates that can be reused. Write down how you’d deal with all the situations that are worrying you and I bet you they won’t seem as scary anymore!

Make a list

4) Focus on the positives: You might he nervous or upset about the change but try and focus on the good aspects. It’s true that every cloud has a silver lining, so figure out what your silver lining is and focus on it!

5) Get the imagination juices flowing: Imagine yourself after the change has happened living happily and contentedly, in the exact way you want to live after the change. Starting to see how it could be and how it feels should make things a lot less scary, and it’s much easier to achieve something you’ve visualised. You’re in control of your life, and no change can alter that!

I hope those tips have helped! Change can be so scary but you’ve got this – go make that change a positive one!

What’s your top tip for dealing with change?

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