In a slump


Feeling “meh” and “bleh”? No enthusiasm? No motivation to get out and do anything? Don’t know what you want to do because everything seems pointless and too much effort? Just want to lie in bed with a share-sized bar of Dairy Milk and watch Disney films? (Ok, so that last one is actually pretty close to my idea of the dream day…).

Sounds like you’ve got “slumpitis”. Are in a slump. A “slumpee” if you like.

We all go through slumps. Times when we just don’t know what direction we’re heading in, don’t have any motivation, and feel pretty down in the dumps.

Miserable cat

January can sometimes be one of those times. Christmas is over (even though I still appear to be humming Christmas songs, much to my boyfriend’s annoyance…), we have no money, we realise Spring is still MONTHS away (despite what the Easter eggs in shops might suggest), it’s been about a million days since we last saw sunshine…and we’re back at work. You might have started off with heaps of motivation to achieve a new resolution, but even that may be starting to drop. All in all it can seem like a pretty negative time of year.

I know I always find this time of year hard and I often find as I descend into a slump my thoughts about myself become more negative too. So, I wanted to share my top 5 tips for getting yourself out of a slump!

1. Get that music pumping. Eye of the Tiger, We are the Champions, there are some AWESOME motivational songs to get you out of bed, dancing on the table, and loving life. Set one as your alarm clock tune, another as your ringtone, create a playlist for your way to work or the gym and you should be feeling perky in no time! (Click play on the video and have it as the theme tune as you read this blog post…or take 5, grab a hairbrush and sing to your heart’s content!)



2. Visit Mother Nature. Mother Nature is the most motivating of Mums. It’s hard not to feel inspired and in awe of the beauty of  life when stood looking out at a big ole’ vista of countryside, and sometimes just a change in scenery can make you feel better. Get your wellies on, get muddy and if it’s raining, well, embrace it. There’s nothing more invigorating than letting the rain splash on your face (especially if there’s a warm flask of tea waiting for you afterwards!). Oh, and buy yourself some flowers on the way back home to keep the nature theme going all week.


Richmond Park walk


3. Play on Pinterest. Sometimes a bit of visual delectation is all you need. Pin some motivational quotes, see some beautiful nature photos, spot a gorgeous outfit idea, or druel at a delicious looking recipe – any of this can make me want to jump out of bed and recreate everything!


Adventures are a girl's best friend


4. Change up your routine. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut when you’re repeating the same old tasks in the same old order day in and day out. Why not try mixing things up? Try a different route to work, do your morning routine in a different order, watch a motivational YouTube video rather than the TV. Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier so you can listen to the radio in bed before you get up. Any change should make you feel better.


Wake up routine


5. Beat that heart: Sometimes when you’re in a slump exercise can seem like the last thing you want to do. But exercise means endorphins which means a much happier you! Don’t get yourself doing anything too exhausting, just something that gets you moving. Maybe some nice, relaxing yoga, or a gentle walk or bike ride outside (double points as you get outside in nature too!). It never hurts to show your body some love, and often once you’ve started moving you want to keep going and tackle a to do list.


Bicycle in sunflower field


I hope those help you get a bit of sparkly back if you’ve got the January blues! Often when we’re in a slump it starts affecting how we feel about ourselves and that’s not on – we are AWESOME and we deserve to feel excited and positive about our lives :)

What are your tips for getting out of a slump?

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