This month I’ve been doing Gala Darling‘s radical self love challenge over on Instagram. Today’s challenge was to post a picture of your journal. (If you’re a stationery addict then you’re going to want to go and check those out!)

Gala Darling Instagram Challenge

I’ve journalled back since secondary school. It started off as the usual adolescent desire to have a place to keep all my secrets (yeah, you know, all those super exciting secrets you have when your life revolves around school and play dates…). I had a break when I left Uni and started working full time just because, well, life happened and got in the way.

However recently I started journalling again. After a lot of sleepless nights, which I put down to anxiety, I thought that maybe if I got the whirlwind that was going on in my head out on to paper before bedtime then maybe I’d sleep better. So I wrote down any tasks I’d been doing that day, things thay had stressed me out, but also things that I’d enjoyed. Whilst I’d used to force myself to write in sentences and paragraphs I decided to write down in note form as this was more realistic. I decided a noted journal entry was better than no journal entry at all (look at me kicking my perfectionist side’s ass!).

My journal

And you know what? It has helped! The constant whirling of my brain seemed to stop. The dreams of me working on the same task over and over again lessened.

Can I contribute it to journalling? I don’t know. I’m sure having some peaceful time just before bed, away from the distraction of phones and TV, was also a huge help. Either way I’ll be continuing.

Going forwards I’d like to try and get even more benefits out of journalling. If there are things I feel particularly stressed about then I want to write down what my next action will be to see if that also reduces my dreams about work. I also really want to focus on the things that are stressing me out as sometimes I avoid writing about them as it seems too painful to write about. And let’s face it, that’s really not going to help!

Do you journal? What benefits do you get from it?

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