Change. How well do you deal with it?

I used to be pretty good with change. Sometimes I still am. (I don’t really have a choice…my day job is implementing change!). However outside of work I’m not a fan of change. I like knowing what’s what, that there’s consistency. Change always means there’s a potential to lose something, that one day you’ll look back and think “things aren’t as good as they used to be”.

Naturally we all adjust to change. There’s a sense of relief when the change becomes the norm. But then nothing stays static forever. You’ve settled into one job, but chances are you’ll change job again one day. You move to a new city…but that doesn’t mean you won’t move again.

This can sometimes seem overwhelming. When is life ever going to be calm?! And we all know that stress and feeling overwhelmed can lead to us taking things out on our eating habits.


Tomorrow I’m going to share my 5 tips for dealing with change but for today I wanted to question whether all change is bad.

What if that new job is a promotion? There may be some added stress as you learn to deal with new responsibilities – but you wouldn’t have got the promotion if they didn’t think you could handle it. And what about the added life benefits of increased pay and new skills?

What if the house move is to nicer houses and areas.

With change comes opportunity, the potential for something better or to learn something new. Your life may become richer, you might achieve something you’d never dreamed of!

I changed jobs a few months ago, and it was scary. It still is. I have infinitely less knowledge than most people in the organisation, and I constantly feel like I’m doing a bad job. Everything is a challenge – absolutely nothing comes easily. I spend approximately 70% of my time anxious, and the rest of the time I’m too busy to feel anything! But the change to a new job opened up so many opportunities: I’m learning like crazy; I’ve got to meet new people; and most importantly I’ve been able to take back a bit of my life – I don’t work away from home; I get to spend evenings with my boyfriend; I’m able to experience a bit more of London life – these are such precious things that I’m grateful for everyday.

Borough market

I heard a quote recently that said “without change, there’d be no butterflies”. Isn’t that beautiful?! If we block change from our lives then yes, we may reduce the risk of stress and anxiety and bad experiences. But we also deny ourselves all the opportunities and beauty in the world. And would that not be a sad existence?

How do you deal with change?

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