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Quite a hiatus there. Sorry!

Sometimes life happens, and rather than getting stressed and feeling like a failure you’ve just got to go with it.

I recently changed job which meant handing my laptop back. Makes it a bit challenging to write a blog when you’ve not got a computer. So I used my boyfriend’s laptop…and broke it. Then my website turned to a white screen of death. Sheesh, not getting a break here. Along with starting a new job I decided to let the non-life critical thing go…and that was the blog.

But now I’m starting to get into a routine, and I’m saving up for a new laptop, and I’ve fixed the blog – hurrah!

I could have started to try and do everything, trying to achieve the perfect standard of getting everything done on time, even if that meant sacrificing my personal health. And that’s what I would once have done. But this time I decided to give myself some grace.

Think about it, when you’re stressed do you feel happy, eat well, sleep well? Are you kind to yourself and forgive yourself mistakes? Do you do a good job of all the things you’re trying to get done? Do you feel like you’re really getting the most out of life?

I know I don’t. Stress was one of the things that always drove me to change my eating habits – either restrict or binge – and it also made me feel like a failure. I didn’t want to go back to any of those things, and that’s why I chose to let something go.

So often we’re told that it’s wrong to not be the person who can juggle everything or to look like we can’t cope with everything that life throws at us. But you know what, that’s wrong. It’s our life, we decide what we prioritise. And at the end of our days we’ll regret spending days stressed and unhappy instead of not taking a few extra days to complete a task.

So give yourself some grace this week.



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