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So I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to bring a more personal side to the blog, to help document my switch from ‘me = eating disorder’ to ‘me = my life’. So here we go…

As weekends go it was a pretty good one.


My weekend started off with a trip to a Brazilian meat buffet. Not exactly my dream start to a weekend as I’m veggie, but it was part of a 12 dates of Christmas which I organised for my boyfriend’s Christmas present.


Rodizio Rico Notting Hill


And you know what, bar all the meat stuff it was a lot of fun! We had a walk through Notting Hill to get there, the sun was out, I got an Innocent juice beforehand, and the veggie buffet was actually so dang good.


Notting Hill Cottage


Innocent Skip to the Beet juice

It was just such a nice evening, finished off with my first ever trip to Planet Organic. It was love at first sight. We felt it would be rude to go in and not buy anything (obvs…) so we got some Booja-Booja truffles (currently chillaxing in my fridge) and some mango aloe vera juice which was delicious.

The rest of the weekend was spent going for a therapy session, building furniture (I was more ‘supervising’) – we fiiiinally have a dining table(!), taking a quick jog in the sunshine, and ICE CREAM! If you ever head to Richmond go to Gelateria Danieli. It’s right by Richmond Green and has some of THE best ice cream. I’m not normally a massive fan of ice cream (I know, I’m not normal) but I would rather have a biscuit or cake instead – ice cream’s just a bit, well, cold and slimy for comfort food! But it was a sunny day and ice cream totally hit the spot!

Dining chair

Run in the sun

Gelateria Danieli ice cream

Summer at Richmond Green

Pretty much on a daily basis I find things that make me go ‘I would NEVER have done that when I was obsessing over my weight’. One was when I was at the buffet. There was no freaking out at lack of portion sizes aaaand I went back to get seconds even though my boyfriend was done. That’s right, I opted, in front of everyone, to go and get mooooore food. But surely that was greedy? Nope, I was hungry, and the food was good, therefore extra food was required. The second was that those truffles are still sat in my fridge. If there was yummy food in the house it wouldn’t last 2 seconds once I was alone – my body was so hungry it lost all self-control. And the third was ice cream. To allow myself to have eaten ice cream in the past I would have had to starved myself beforehand or exercised like a beast. Neither of those things happened that day :)


It doesn’t matter what your issues are with body image, even if it’s just that every so often you feel self-conscious, it does affect how you live your life and how much enjoyment you experience. If I was still suffering from all my negative thoughts I wouldn’t have even half-lived that weekend – it would have just happened to me, there would have been less laughter and more stress. And that’s what I want to demonstrate with these posts. That life can be so amazing when we’re not freaking out about how we look and when we love ourselves for who we are. I hope these posts inspire you to do the same.


What did you get up last weekend?


E xx


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