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We could just get our head down, focus on the latest fad diet, and continue until we achieve the dream body…or more likely get sick, angry and more dissatisfied with our body. Or we could celebrate how amazing we already are!

So many people spend their lives trying to achieve the person they believe they should be, rather than loving the person they already are.

You would never tell a child to devote their lives to trying to change themselves, so why should you treat yourself in that way?

Without a positive body image then we can’t bear to be who we are. All of our strengths, quirks, and individualities are sacrificed due to our own self-dislike. We constantly fear failure and are too scared to achieve our dreams. We can’t commit to do the things we do so well because we’re so busy thinking about the things we can’t do.

Imagine getting to the end of your life and realising that you’d been so scared of failure that you’d forgotten to live. That you’d never stretched yourself or lived in the moment. What a waste that would be.

That’s why body image matters.


Think a little less, live a little more



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